Not Quite a Poet…

Hello, wonderful readers. I’m currently at my summer program right now in Boston, but I’ve scheduled quite a few posts to be posted while I’m away, so please be sure to keep checking to see for anything new. 

As you may or may not know, I do indeed have a Wattpad (click here) to post my writing. I love to write. That’s probably quite obvious already, why else would I have a blog that’s literally all writing? I love writing on this blog, of course, but my biggest passion in writing is fiction as well as poetry. My poems are not breathtakingly wonderful, as fiction is most definitely my niche. They’re very all over the place and a little odd, but they’re me. I would definitely say they’re mostly quite dark. To me, all of my best writing comes out of darkness. I don’t really know how to explain it, but I feel that my writing isn’t sugarcoated or supremely “pretty”, I think of writing as art. And my art, just like any other, is supposed to make you feel something, naturally, and raw. It makes you think. That’s all I ask of you if you ever read my writing. I’m being honest and raw. I’m trying to be genuine.

So, in honor of this, I’ve decided to share some of my poetry with you all. If you’re too lazy to take a quick look at my Wattpad, all is well, hopefully this will sway you. Please just read the poem “Train” before clicking off of this page. It isn’t a typical poem, with rhyming and such. It’s more of a short story composed into a poem. Most importantly, as I do trust most of you but certainly not all, please do not steal the poems. I have put much work and effort into it and stealing it is just sort of… well, bitchy. Please do not be bitchy. I mean, if you want to steal it, I’m completely flattered… but please don’t. If anyone needs feedback or advice with writing, feel free to email me at (I’m getting a new one soon). Thank you, as always. I love you if you take time to read my little blog, and I’m always happy to read yours as well. So, go ahead and click on the wattpad link, and I will honestly appreciate it so much. 

It’s a beautiful day to dream.





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