An Irrelevant Update




There are often instances in which I find myself rendered unable to coherently, eloquently string words together, and unfortunately, after many futile and dull attempts, I’ve simply decided to share with you some lists encompassing what I’ve been spending my time doing. Besides inane amounts of homework and watching Scandal, of course. Hopefully, as I have yet to completely settle into this school year, I will find it within me to write again, soon. As an update, which I am quite sure none of you were desperately seeking, I’ve been reading nearly everything by Joan Didion and listening to Leon Bridges, both in excessive amounts. I’ve also, for absolutely no logical reason, added some photographs from my trip to Europe this summer. Longing for those cities has become second nature, especially during the perpetual humdrum that hits me whenever I come home from school.


Teenage Talk// St. Vincent

Do Right Woman, Do Right Man// Aretha Franklin

Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You// the 1975

Smooth Sailin’// Leon Bridges

Calgary// Bon Iver

The Sound of Silence// Simon & Garfunkel


Books I’ve recently finished:

The Year of Magical Thinking// Joan Didion

Bad Feminist// Roxanne Gay

Girl With Curious Hair// David Foster Wallace

Birthday Letters// Ted Hughes

Rebecca// Daphne du Maurier

Reading List

Play It As It Lays// Joan Didion

Mrs. Dalloway// Virginia Woolf

On the Road// Jack Keourac

In Cold Blood// Truman Capote