Off We Go- Music Edition

Today is my last day in the smog-filled, Celine-obsessed, dreadful, superficial city of Los Angeles (admittedly, it is my hometown that I loathe so much) for around nine days. Tomorrow, I will be jetting off to Europe. Last summer, I was also in Europe for around a month and it was phenomenal. Whenever I leave this city, it feels as if a suffocating, metaphorical weight has been lifted off of my chest. I will be visiting a few different locations, specifically around the lovely country of France. Here is my schedule for tomorrow (bear with me):

I wake up at 4:30 AM. We then proceed to drive to the airport, take off in a few hours, and arrive five hours later in New York City (unfortunately I have no time to go out of the airport). Quite a while later, we depart on a seven hour plane ride to London. I have eight hours in my favorite city ever, (score!) and then I take yet another plane to Nice.

Sounds just lovely, right? I am not a fan of airplanes, but the end result is usually always worth the torturous hours on the vehicle. I will be spending most of my week in the simply stunning and darling South of France, one of my favorite places that I’ve been so far. I will be in Italy for a bit, mainly in Rome. I am delighted to embark on this trip, of course, but the one thing I have no joy about is tomorrow’s plane-day. Let’s just say I have a “small” phobia of public restrooms. I have trouble with confinement, in the claustrophobic sense. Annnyyywayssss… as there is not too much to do for that amount of hours in an airplane/airport, I have made an overly long playlist of songs for my journey. I have decided to cut just a fraction of the very best songs on it here for you. Whether you’re in an airplane, boat, car, or even just simply taking a stay-cation in your own home, these songs will most definitely get you in the travel mood.

Au revoir!

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 12.05.14 PM

8tracks- @holidaygurl

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