Faking It

I’m not a good liar. Not really. I never have been graced with this gift as well as curse, I presume.

But I do know how to act. Many people have told me that acting is just like a more official version of lying, but I really do not find that to be true. See, when I act, I become my character in that very moment. No matter how much rehearsal I have, no matter how many times I’ve practiced my lines, I have to believe in myself to be my character.

And so why can’t I lie? Because lying is for those who have something to hide. But acting, acting is not about hiding. Acting is about opening yourself up and baring your soul for everyone to see. You become a character, even if just for two hours, you are you but in a different form. This is why I adore acting. It gives you the ability to truly see yourself, but to open up in a different version of yourself. And you can use acting in your daily life, not just on the big ol’ Broadway stage all of us musical theatre people dream of.

I’m scared, okay? I admit it. I’m scared because in just three months, I will enter high school. I know it doesn’t seem like a huge, overly exciting deal but let’s be honest: it definitely is. My parents look at me with that abruptly condescending look in their crinkled eyes, screaming one day she will laugh about it when I explain my anxieties over entering high school. It sucks, when adults tell you to buck up, kid, because one day you’ll have to live in the “real world.” Well, what is the real world? What world is high school, then, the fake world? It’s almost humorous, but in the most frustrating of ways. I could go on and on about the hellishness of certain adults, but that’s a much  different post.

The main point is, high school is scary, simply put. I’ve seen what it does to some students. It cruelly yanks out and drains every last ounce of dignity, of confident persistence, of innocence. But high school is also what you make of it. Any situation is what you make of it. I’ve got to say, I’m quite awful at this concept, as I have an abnormally negative view on life, but I am trying here. Faking confidence can help you so incredibly much. Fake confidence can win over people, teachers, anyone in your life. Now, read closely. Fake confidence is NOT overconfidence. There is a fine line between the two traits. Overconfidence is the automatic assumption that absolutely everything in the world will go your way, the vainest and most unsuccessful type of confidence. Fake confidence is when you are not quite sure of how well you’re going to do in a situation, but pretending to know just enough. For example, last summer, I went ATVing at my summer camp. I hadn’t ever been on an ATV before, but everyone around me seemed excited and unafraid of the task before them. I, on the other hand, had a mini heart-attack and I almost backed out of it due to the lingering anxiety I always seem to possess. But what did I do? You guessed it- I acted confident. I put on my best “I’ve never done this before but I’m completely sure it’ll be fun and I definitely won’t get any limbs chopped off!” smile. It worked. I am the least adventurous person I know, but because I faked faith in myself, that faith became reality, and I had the time of my life on that ATV. It was exhilarating, to say the least.

No one is good at everything. NO one. But you know those people you see, the ones who are well-rounded, seem to have every skill from dance to perfect SAT scores under their belt? They aren’t just born with some inhuman ability to achieve perfection. They had to pretend along their journey there. So, confidence is key, no matter how much you hate something, if you seem confident, then you will become confident.

It’s a beautiful day to dream.

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