Midnight Memories

I. Am. Dead.

Why am I dead? Because the absolutely ridiculous, amazing, adorable, perfect Midnight Memories music video just came out!!! I am a very dedicated Directioner, and watching this video (already watched it five times, it’s playing as we speak) makes me into a huge mess of cluttered emotions. I have been crying because the video is so absolutely genuine, old school One Direction it’s crazy. The grandmas, the lame house party, the stealing of a boat, and of course, Niall taking a huge bite out of a sausage reminded me of the glorious X-Factor days. I honestly would give anything to meet these boys, and I mean anything. Midnight Memories is one of my favorite songs of theirs (but my favorites change every week), and the video suits who these boys are perfectly. Their silliness in the video is the most charming thing about it, it’s absolutely endearing. The song obviously isn’t a funny song (it’s an amazing song), but the video is and it goes along perfectly with it. I am really hoping that you all help out, Directioner or not, to break the Vevo 24 hour record. It is something us Directioners are quite skilled at. We get into pretty nasty fights with Vevo because Vevo can be extremely irritating sometimes for numerous reasons which I won’t go into detail about. Anyways, I’m going to leave now because I am currently sick and drowning in self-pity, and I really need to sleep, so I will leave you with some wisdom from us Directioners. Use it wisely, use it as much as you possibly can. This advice is for the Vevo situation.

Refresh, don’t replay.



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