October Lusting

October Lusting

H M cardigan
$49 – hm.com

A P C linen shirt

Dorothy Perkins short skirt

H&M high top shoes
$24 – hm.com

Yves Saint Laurent duffle bag

abbot kinney blues

Yesterday, my good friend Roxy and I were inescapably bored at my house, so we decided to go to a pretty busy and touristy street: Abbot Kinney. For those of you non-Los Angeles bred, (I envy you) Abbot Kinney is an artsy and annoyingly crowded little area by Venice… aka, by the beach. It was insanely hot outside, and me being me (an avid lover of the gloom and cold and a passionate hater of heat), I needed to get ice cream and something cold to drink. We stopped to grab a sandwich, which I inevitably dropped about three seconds after taking one heavenly bite. That’s typical for me.

Anyways, we really just strolled around for a few sunny hours and thankfully bought some delicious ice cream from Nice Cream- I really recommend it if you ever stop by LA- and also some frivolous but equally delicious ginger/mint homemade limeade from an eclectic little cafe. Afterwards, us being typical Los Angeles, creative-minded, and maybe slightly narcissistic teenage Instagram using, blog-loving, girls, we took about a gazillion pictures around the more residential area of it. It was also an unexpectedly amazing day, something I will talk about in a later post.

Here are some of the many photos I took on my little day trip. What are your plans for the, if any, rest of your summer?

It’s a beautiful day to dream.
















Worrying… way too much

I’ve never really took time over a school week and thought about anything, well, other than school. My mind is usually filled with thoughts like this: homework essays due math ugh stupid school oh god did i forget to study study STUDY!! i need an 100% not a 96!! 

Obviously, I always tend to worry over, well, whatever I can worry about. Over years of constant worries about even the seemingly stupidest, small things, I’ve come to realize that worrying so excessively really isn’t benefiting me much. It’s making my life much more stressful than it needs to be. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t ever worry about things, of course we have to as human beings. Without it, we wouldn’t turn that assignment in or pay our bills. But there’s a good amount of worry, useful, normal worrying, and then there’s my kind of worry: crazy, sleepless, restless, nail biting worry that literally feels like it’s going to suffocate me. 

Even in middle school, which honestly doesn’t really count for anything, this persistent demon of stress is probably the hardest thing most teenagers have to go through. This seems like a boring, weird topic to write about, I know, but it’s so important to understand that everyone, every single person, whether they’d like to admit or not, worries. Everybody has stress, whether it’s over something as small as a quiz or college applications, or a surgeon completing a difficult surgery, or anything that causes people stress. Stress is defined by what you, and only you, worry about. Don’t let other people make you worry about unnecessary things, don’t let them drag you into their endless issues. Put yourself first. I know that seems really hard for some people, I know it is for me. I always seem to put others’ needs before mine, including their feelings. I’m still like this, and I’m desperately trying to stop letting everyone, even my best friends, walk all over me. 

Take a step back, for a moment. Realize that solving others’ problems, ones that are small and pointless, before yours isn’t going to help you at all or them. Sometimes pressure and the easy way out appeal to us more than anything. For example, if a friend keeps asking for the answers to homework or something repeatedly, I know it may seem easier to just give in. But after you do that, you’ll have to feel guilty for something you could’ve easily said no to. So just remember this. Try to put what is best for you in mind, not for someone else.

I hope this post helps a little, if anyone needs to talk or anything I’m always here. I never tell anyone’s secrets to anybody. I promise!


It’s a beautiful day to dream.